Copier & Scanner Glass

Float glass is the material used, produce require specially treated glass for safty and strength. This tempered glass is created by a high-heat process that applications such as a copy and scanner machines where glass flatness is critical to be good imaging.

In these application, heat tempering has been replaced by chemical tempering. In TTA's specialized strengthening process, glass is dipped into a chemical bath of potassium nitrate.

The result is an increase surface compression (stress) that strengthens the glass without creating distortion, and the glass surface is harder and more resist to scratching, thus making it possible for thinner glass to be used. The ultimate product is chemically strengthened glass that looks like regular float glass but has the strength of tempered glass. Most importantly, very thin glass can be strengthened without distortion. We are presently capable of chemically treating glass up 1200x850 mm


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