Glass Lid

Our  "Glass Lid" heat tempered solves inconvenience to open cookware lids while cooking caused delay and spoil food flavor. You can see cookware inside through the dim-proof glass lids.

  Heat Tempered Glass is made from tempered processing sheet glass by which the glass has feature of high shock and heat-resistance.  Even it got broken, it becomes into granulated unhurt pieces.

  Compared which conventional heat proof glass lid, our heat tempered lids are lighter in weight (4 mm. or 5/32" thick) and with smoother and transparent surface. By cleaning the glass lids by sponge with detergent before using it will not dim while cooking, as water drops adhering to the surface can esily run down in a couple of minutes, thus preventing the lid from being dimmed by vapor.

  Heat-resistance of our tempered glass lid is so high as to resist 180 °C (365 °F), while heat-proof can stand 150-180 °C (320-356 °F) and shock-resistance of our glass lids is 3-5 times more than heat-proof glass and it is strengthened by stainless steel (SUS-304) ring coved at the edge which is designed to prevent the glass lids from shock.

  Our glass lids can be fit with knobs in any style or from any material you like by which heat from cookware is hardly distributed to the knobs

  However, it is not suggested put the glass lids right on fire or chill with cold water just after cooking, not to give extraordinary shock or using in microwave cooker or oven.

Heat Tempered Glass Lid for Cookware becomes very popular worldwide and nowadays quite a number of house wives and husbands love to use them.

It is Safest and Highest Quality under strict quality control system.

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